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We now stock and fit Axxon carbon masts and spars. Lighter, stronger and stiffer than aluminium spars they also offer better fatigue and corrosion resistance in smaller diameters than standard rigs.

New carbon fibre mast technology now makes these high tech masts cost effective for high end racing rigs and cruisers alike.

  • Carbon Fibre Yacht Masts

  • Tempo Spars are proud to offer Axxon Carbon Yachting products into Australia. Please call for further details:

  • - Standard mast specification
  • - Material: high-strength carbon fibre pre-preg
  • - Production technology: female moulding, with internal pressure bag at 5 bar, cured at 100°C
  • - Sail attachment: bonded carbon mainsail groove or aluminium mainsail track of customer's choice
  • - Carbon masthead and carbon spreaders
  • - Uniform and durable, maintenance-free fittings
  • - Uniform and durable, maintenance-free fittings
  • - Hamma© dyform, rod or PBO standing rigging

  • Carbon Fibre Booms

  • Supplied as per the same specifications for the masts. Booms are customs made to the size required with a standard of 3 reefs and 1 outhaul. Single line reefing is available. >>>Top

  • Carbon Fibre Spinnaker Poles

  • We have a range of carbon spinnaker poles in 4 standard sizes we can also custom tapered poles upon request.

  • 60 mm
  • 70 mm
  • 80 mm
  • 90 mm

    Standard pole comes in white with lightweight carbon forespar ends and internal trip lines. Other pole end options available on request. >>>Top

  • Carbon Fibre Yacht Bow Sprit and Prodder

  • We use our standard tube range to make bow sprits. Telescopic carbon bow sprits are available. Hi spec light weight plastic end plugs are available to complete the impressively light package. >>>Top

  • Carbon Fibre Custom Fittings

  • AXXON has chosen to use all carbon hardware whenever possible in order to reduce weight aloft (mast head, head stay attachment, sheave boxes, carbon spreaders, goose neck and vang bracket, etc.) Even if aluminium spreaders are used on some small masts these spreaders are designed with a minimum wall thickness and tapered by welding to reduce the weight. All these weight reductions help to improve the stability and the pitching moment of the boat.

    AXXON also offers a range of integrated aluminium and carbon tracks laminated within the mast tube to eliminate the need for backing plates and screws fasteners required by standard tracks which again results in a weight saving. >>>Top